How Much Should You Pay for Personal Training? (Malaysian Edition)


At KD Trainer, we firmly believe in the value of investing in a personal trainer. As a personal training company in Penang, we understand the numerous benefits of working with a dedicated fitness professional. While it may seem biased for us to advocate for the importance of personal trainers, our belief is grounded in the tangible results and transformations we witness every day. Take Edwin here, for example. He’s a manager in a bank that made an investment with us. If he thinks it’s a good buy-in, you should too! And we have also [...]

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Personal Training: A Long Term Investment for Longevity


People seek personal trainers frequently to improve their outer appearance, such as a flat tummy, a muscular physique (for men), or to manage their weight. In our world, this is known as extrinsic motivation. You probably won't think too much about the benefits of exercise other than the looks and confidence it will give you, which is great! But actual personal training goes beyond that because a true personal trainer can also proactively help you improve your overall health and the quality of your life for the rest of your life. Try picturing this: 30 years from now, you finally have [...]

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Why you SHOULD hire a personal trainer


Hiring a personal trainer comes with a lot of benefits, and the truth is, as biased as it may sound, you should definitely consider hiring one! Let us break it down to you why and how to choose the best one if you are ready to work with one.   It doesn’t matter if you are an absolute beginner or preparing for your next health check-up or even a running competition. Having a trainer means you will have a personal supporter who will guide you in the most challenging moments of your health and fitness journey.   Sure, having your loved [...]

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Gyms Are Reopening Again, Is It Really Safe?


For months, gyms were not allowed to operate and this has left fitness facilities all over the nation abandoned by humans and inhabited by dust bunnies. Gyms were not relevant in our lives anymore and this caused a huge health problem among us; an international research survey involving 1047 respondents(1) reported that COVID-19 home confinement has resulted in a decrease in all levels of physical activities and about 28% increase in daily sitting time as well as an increase in unhealthy patterns of food consumption. Does this count? But with gyms and studios reopening soon, we really need to [...]

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7 Worst Fitness Advice You’ve Heard


7 Worst Fitness Advice You’ve Heard (That’s total B*LLSH*T!) “Follow this trick to lose 10kg in 2 weeks” ‘I read it on the internet so it must be true…’ Is it though?   We fitness professionals get our daily dose of laughter from reading the headlines of social media/WhatsApp health and fitness posts. It used to be from the cover of fitness magazines in the old days, how times have changed.  But something never changes - b*llsh*t fitness tips.  Realizing that people still fall for the same “too good to be true” advice - your run of the mill fitness influencer [...]

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Our Misunderstood Motto – Movement Over Medicine


An Open Letter To The Fitness Industry by our founder, Aren Kd. Today I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon something that helps me count my blessings. I saw this picture of our client, which defines why I do what I do, why we at KD Trainer do what we do. Our motto "Movement Over Medicine" is often misunderstood, sometimes even ridiculed. It is not to say that medicine is useless, that would be ludicrous. In fact, we would all agree that humanity would not have reached this level of civilization without the development of science and medicine. Our (personal [...]

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Covid-19 Special Initiatives


Everyone got hit by the pandemic of Covid-19. As a personal training company in Penang, we are no different. But instead of looking at it as a catastrophe, we choose to look at it as an opportunity. A chance for us to help even more people to start exercising right from the comfort of their home. And as such, we have created special at-home programs, to give out(or heavily discounted) to the community during these tough times. 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge LAUNCHING SEASON I SEASON IV INTAKE The lock-down is here again but fret not, we are so prepared [...]

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7 Things To Look For When Hiring Your First Personal Trainer


You have been trying your best to lose that weight but it has never ever worked. You've tried plenty of diet methods on Google(admit it... intermittent fasting, ketogenic, paleo), bought some fancy equipment that promised you to lose 10kg in a month (they must be collecting dust in one of your cupboards). Then you recalled one of your friends who had this great success and still living a healthy lifestyle until today. How in the world is Christine doing that? You heard there are actually individuals who offer help to people struggling like yourself..and they do it for a living! You [...]

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