Every day we have people asking us “How do I lose fat?”, “How do I build some muscles to look good?”, and if you’re reading this, you are probably one of them.

We are a team of life-changers who have gone through what you are going through and we have made it our job, our calling and our mission to help as many people as possible through their own unique journey to bring out the best versions of themselves.

Our Vision

Moving The World

We are driven to see a world that moves more because we have already reaped the myriad of benefits and happiness movement has brought us and it will be selfish of us to keep this beauty to ourselves. Thus, our motto #MovementOverMedicine serves as a reminder that we are living in a world that has forgotten the basic essence of life; movement. The purpose of our existence is to bring it back into this world.

Our Mission

  • To Share the Beauty of Exercise with the World
  • To Combat Our Society’s Diseases Via Healthy Living
  • To Learn & Educate the Latest Scientific Findings On Health & Fitness

Our Values

Our History

Our Team

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NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

For those who are not familiar, Aren is the mastermind behind KD Trainer! He loves music as much as he loves doggos. But beware of his dad jokes, it’s not as funny as he thinks.


NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Meet Shark, who doesn’t bite. But he circles around his clients to ensure they hit their goals. Do not be fooled by his gentle appearance for he is a master behind the scenes!


ACE Medical Exercise Specialist

Here’s Joshua, a nurse who turned into a fitness professional. He is kinda crazy and he laughs really loud so brace yourself and get your ears ready to explode. 


FITM Pre & Post Partum Personal Trainer

Our super-strong mom of two, JC! She’s a lawyer turned fitness professional and has never looked back since. She’s might not be the biggest but her heart is!


FEA Body Transformation Specialist

The ex-teacher who lifts. Meet teacher Yau, who has a strong passion for education and is merging his two passions together to his advantage. Fitness and education = strong and smart clients.


KD Academy Fitness Professional

Meet Chew. He loves running and has a keen interest in snakes. He’s our go-to guy when it comes to movie night selection.


ACE Performance Exercise Specialist

Will will not sit still til he gets to chill. But he kills at basketball drills and will take you down with his BJJ skills.


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Meet Howard, the ladies’ man of the team. He has many skills but most notably, he’s an avid badminton player. PM him for a one-to-one challenge. Winner gets free ice cream from us!


Pre-Script Level 1 – Biomechanics Specialist

Ren Xiang is the embodiment of our very own Ninja Warrior. He’s a rock climber and also a powerlifter. He uses his knowledge to help his clients get moving, well.


She began as our intern and now look where she is. Recently married, Ammny is our Chief Happiness Officer responsible for our smiles. She is multi-talented and loves travelling!


This guy loves all of you clients! Lin Ken is the national floorball goalkeeper for Malaysia and he enjoys the little things in life like rearing fishes and our IG followers, please follow us :p


Some say she is the reincarnation of Picasso. Always spotted with a pencil and paper, she can sketch anything you can imagine and most of the artwork you see here comes from her!


BSc. Dietietics

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