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We Care About Your Growth

The KD Trainer Academy was created for people like you, if you are either:

  1. Someone who’s passionate about health & fitness and you want to help people around you.
  2. You’re looking to grow professionally as a personal trainer.
  3. You are a sucker for knowledge and you just want to learn.

If you are serious about being a personal trainer, click here so we can point you in the right direction.

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Personal Trainer Course in Penang

This 30 40-hour course is held straight from our personal training facility in Penang so you will get direct assess to all our fitness professionals for a taste of what is it really like to be in the industry. This raw experience will allow you to not only learn the theory and practical aspects of a being a fitness professional but also understand the daily challenges of being a personal trainer.

The Fitness Professional Foundation Program

Level 1 (Next Intake – February 2021)

A 4-day (12 hours) course that will equip you with the fundamentals of exercise and transferring the exercise knowledge to another person. The entire course is created to give you the best learning experience: 80% practical 20% theory.

Level 2 (Next Intake – March 2021)

A 6-week (28 hours) comprehensive curriculum that is crafted into 8 modules which will allow you to understand the core concepts of being a personal trainer. Click here to register your interest.

Turn Your Passion Into Your Career

If you are truly passionate about fitness, we will do all we can to help you after you have demonstrated your competency. We will help you by giving you a kick-start on your journey as a professional in the Penang fitness industry by referring you to potential employers including ourselves!

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