An Open Letter To The Fitness Industry

by our founder, Aren Kd.

Today I was fortunate enough to have stumbled upon something that helps me count my blessings. I saw this picture of our client, which defines why I do what I do, why we at KD Trainer do what we do.

Our motto “Movement Over Medicine” is often misunderstood, sometimes even ridiculed. It is not to say that medicine is useless, that would be ludicrous.
In fact, we would all agree that humanity would not have reached this level of civilization without the development of science and medicine. Our (personal trainers) very existence and source of education stem from the advancement of medicine.
These three words mean a lot to me, so much so that I literally gave up my engineering degree from the top uni in the country to right a wrong, for these three words were inspired by my mother but that’s another story for another day.
Anyway back to the motto, what we meant by movement over medicine is simple, we believe that the world would be in a better place if people were to appreciate movement over medicine.
My point in case can be made in this current COVID-19 phenomenon. Any individual who has, over the years built a stronger immune system by movement (coupled with good nutrition and sleep) is far better prepared to face this virus than someone who has not. I’m only taking immunity as an example because most of us can relate to it better with the pandemic around but the list is endless if we were to talk about the benefits of movement.
But a motto is supposed to be short and concise, we can’t share a whole story with a motto. Hence, “Movement Over Medicine”. And I’m truly grateful for those who can resonate with our motto and get that feeling the moment they read it out loud.
Dear trainers/instructors/coaches,
Think of yourselves as an insurance policy, the monthly premiums are insignificant, sometimes even annoying but when s**t happens, it becomes extremely important.
The squat might seem petty but if you give someone on a wheelchair the ability to walk, they will thank you for life.
In the words of Simon Sinek, we play an infinite game. Our daily efforts cannot be gratified instantly but it will definitely give people a huge impact in the long run.
Although we are not at the frontline, we are/were preparing our clients for a better future.
It is so that they can play with their child happily without the fear of losing the ability to cope with them.
It is so that they can protect their family without the fear of falling ill.
It is so that they can enjoy their later life without the fear of movement disability.
Ask any person who has been exercising consistently for years, I would bet none, not even one of them would say that they have regretted it.
Ask any doctor in general, they would probably tell you that eating well, sleeping well and exercising is much better than taking medicine (with the exception of congenital, metabolic disorders etc. of course)
So to my fellow fitness professionals, stick your head up high, upgrade yourselves now when you are given this ‘opportunity’, so you can prepare to help more people. Share this to a fit pro you might know. Help each other.
Because never forget that we are building people up, day by day, squat by squat, so they can have a better and more meaningful life, with the belief of movement over medicine.