Our personal training sessions are usually done after a KD Assessment. But we do offer trial sessions which look like this:

1. We will begin by assessing the issues that you might be facing and a thorough verbal assessment of your health history and activity levels. This will include postural, movement and pain screening.

2. After that, a senior trainer will then begin with technical identification from your physical screening. You will be taught how to perform certain stretches and exercises that are suitable for your case. The trainer might also perform percussive therapy or proprietary neuromuscular facilitation for you.

3. You will then receive a detailed personal report of the entire session with further consultation. You will then be given a series of exercises to perform at home together with lifestyle postural changes that you need to practice.

* The main goal of the trial session is to let you experience training with a personal trainer and also provide you with an educational session. If you find the session invaluable, we will offer you a full refund.*