This is a 45-60 minute pre-requisite session before you start an exercise program for us to screen through your medical background and health concerns.

Once you’re cleared, we then discuss your health & fitness goal in detail which is unique to everyone. Some of the most common goals our clients have are:

  • Fat Loss (get lean & toned)
  • Weight Loss (obesity)
  • Build Muscle (weight gain)
  • Medical Issue Improvement (hypertension, etc.)
  • Joint Pain Issues (knee pain, back pain etc.)
  • Active Lifestyle (accountability, motivation)

Through a series of in-depth discussions, we’ll gain a thorough understanding of your current health status, any underlying challenges, and your aspirations. By exploring your past experiences with exercise and nutrition, we’ll identify patterns and uncover valuable insights that will shape your personalized fitness plan. This is a comprehensive session which costs RM100.00.