Everyone got hit by the pandemic of Covid-19. As a personal training company in Penang, we are no different. But instead of looking at it as a catastrophe, we choose to look at it as an opportunity. A chance for us to help even more people to start exercising right from the comfort of their home. And as such, we have created special at-home programs, to give out(or heavily discounted) to the community during these tough times.

6 Week Weight Loss Challenge



The lock-down is here again but fret not, we are so prepared for this! Fit From Home have been designing the best virtual program for Malaysians who want to lose 5-10kg in 6 weeks right from the comfort(and safety) of home! We will be coaching you every step of the way, from exercise to nutrition and even lifestyle habits! We are limiting each season to 20 participants only so we can give the best service to our clients. Don’t miss out on the latest season, click here to apply now!

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Mover’s Mission



Our online club where our team will be your very own personal trainers from the comfort of your home. All activities will be exclusive only to club members in a private setting. The club is designed to help people who don’t know where to start or don’t want a gym membership but still want to get fit and healthy while having more time for themselves. We are on a mission to move 1000 people in Malaysia, so click here and join us to be a part of the mission today!

Stay Home And Move


This is a made-for-you home workout program which can guide you through either a 2 or 3-week routine. We even separated it into two different levels to suit most beginners out there. As personal trainers, we know that one of the biggest problems people have with exercising is that they don’t have a plan to follow and results are minimal. All these programs were created so that you would have a home workout program to follow instead of doing random workouts to yield better results. All the exercises suggested in these programs come together with video tutorials so you would have a sample of how each exercise looks like.


KD 14-Day Challenge


This program was launched in conjunction with the extension of our Movement Control Order. We decided to have some fun with it instead of sighing at it, so we have decided to be your own very personal trainers throughout these 14 days! These programs we have designed for you comes with a support group in Telegram and with plenty of activities inside. Group workouts, Q&A sessions, daily accountability activities; it would usually cost thousands for a program like this at KD Trainer during normal times but we have decided to lift off any charges from this program so we can all benefit from this extension. We have limited the program to 100 people and it starts on the 15th of April and ends on the 28th of April 2020.


So there you have it folks, programs and activities that would help you get started with your exercise journey even if you can’t go out safely. There is no better time to start than now, so if you’ve always been waiting for the right time, it is now. Click on either of the program’s title to begin your journey with us. See you on the other side.

Keep moving.