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Been working really hard to lose weight but the numbers on the scale remain the same?

Don’t worry, the number you see are actually a combination of a lot of different things. The weight that you see on your scale is just everything totaled up, they don’t know what the composition is.

Here might be some reasons why those numbers remain although your training and diet is in check :

1) Salt Intake – Eating salty food the previous day can cause high level of water retention = weight gain.

2) Stress – Stress increases cortisol, the stress hormone, which results in release of anti-diuretic hormones that causes water retention.

3) Water Retention – You may have been dehydrated or drank too much water the last time you weigh yourself.

4) Measured At Different Time – If you measure in the morning after waking up, surely you will weigh less than when weighing during the day.

5) Period – Menstruation also causes water retention, which is why your weight will increase during that time of the month.

6) Muscle Gain – You may be gaining muscle too which is why your body weight isn’t going down despite in calorie deficit.

So there you go, don’t get discouraged the next time you step on a weighing scale and you get static numbers.

It just MIGHT be one of the reasons above.