People seek personal trainers frequently to improve their outer appearance, such as a flat tummy, a muscular physique (for men), or to manage their weight.

In our world, this is known as extrinsic motivation. You probably won’t think too much about the benefits of exercise other than the looks and confidence it will give you, which is great!

But actual personal training goes beyond that because a true personal trainer can also proactively help you improve your overall health and the quality of your life for the rest of your life.

Try picturing this:

30 years from now, you finally have time to spend with your family and your grandkids and they would like to go for a short vacation in Japan per se. Knowing Japan, a country that involves a lot of walking and commuting by public transport; you will face no problems whatsoever to walk and commute with them because you have been prepping yourself 30 years ago for this moment! That’s right! You had a Personal Trainer prep you for this moment, with the best nutrition knowledge and solid technique of using the equipments needed for your exercise. Definitely some bittersweet moments but hey, it was a one worthy investment you did for you and your family.

Who wouldn’t want to age like fine wine right? Grow old but gold, yes?



Let us look at some lesser-known methods in which personal training might be able to offer you some intrinsic motivation and help change your life.

1. Pain Relief


As mild as it feels, the tingling pain which is causing your neck to ache can definitely disrupt your daily routines and mood. These are the common aches that we usually take for granted and assume that they can instantly be relieved with a few pops of muscle relief medicines. They sure do look like the fastest and cheapest alternative that you can get and see the results almost immediately.  But the big question lies in how long are you willing to commit to depending on the short-term instant relief medicine? Are you going to make it a monthly or a weekly subscription, taking the extra mile just to buy a few strips of pills just for a day’s relief from pain?

Physical therapy can address and treat the underlying causes of pain in people recuperating from surgery, a sports injury, or suffering from chronic pain. Physical therapists use several pain-relieving procedures, such as stretching and strengthening exercises, heat and cold therapy, and manual manipulation, targeted at specific pain points. As a result, patients gradually become more robust, flexible, and less painful in the long term. 

So, yes. It is possible to get pain-free days without unicorns!


2. Improved Mobility


Imagine if your temporary is a LONG TEMPORARY and to feel very well, count the number of places you can travel to every month with your family, friends or on your own! Just imagine travelling and going anywhere without having to worry about having to carry extra money for medications or visits to the pharmacies, definitely a SUPER SAVER for your wallet.

Injuries, arthritis, and even a lack of use can cause mobility difficulties and restricted range of motion. Unfortunately, this can create a vicious cycle: the fewer people move their joints and muscles, the less functional they become. Physical therapists provide hands-on therapy and at-home exercises that enhance joint and muscle mobility and, hence, improve function.

Physical therapists can also introduce patients to walking aids, such as canes and crutches, to further recover safe walking and other desirable mobility objectives.

However, this is not the end of the advantages of increased mobility—the greater a person’s sense of strength, the greater their self-assurance and life quality. In short, this is just a part of the “Movement Insurance“.


3. Better Balance

According to data from the Malaysian Journal of Public Health Medicine, one in three seniors is at risk of falling. According to the News Strait Times, seven per cent of Malaysia’s population will be 65 or older by 2020, making fall prevention measures all the more crucial.

Physical therapy can help patients recover from the millions of fall-related injuries that occur each year, but it can also play a crucial role in preventing future falls. Physical therapy is an essential component of ensuring the safety of the elderly, as they are more susceptible to balance issues induced by joint replacements and osteoporosis.

However, the advantages of physical therapy are not limited to the elderly. The majority of physical therapists treat a wide range of physical issues. Physical therapy assistants are vital healthcare team members for patients with a wide range of medical conditions.

4. Enhanced Daily Function

While we typically link the benefits of physical therapy with muscles and joints, this treatment is also utilised effectively in other forms of rehabilitation. Physical therapy can help anything from diabetes control to heart and lung function by strengthening patients’ confidence and endurance via movement.

One final point to consider. No two people or physical treatment regimens are identical. Physical therapists have a unique chance to improve the lives of their patients by tailoring each patient’s PT programme to their specific needs. In addition, as patients’ talents increase and expand, their treatment plans can be modified to keep them on course. Request more information about the physical therapy assistant training you need to begin making a difference in people’s lives.


The best part of having a Personal Trainer is that they are very much human, like you! They have emotions, they can communicate with you, hear you out, and help you where you need them and whenever you need them. Although once you have achieved your goals and targets they won’t be needed anymore, but what was taught and guided by them stays with you forever. It will be practical for you whenever and wherever you are – be it in your own office or your own home!

It is a good sign that people are becoming more health conscious these days and changing your regime is definitely the best choice in the long run. We know that sometimes when you feel motivated to kick off a new vibe but you don’t know where to start and end up delaying, well, maybe what was missing is some push and encouragement from the Penang Personal Trainers. And we will be there to start with you and encourage you all the way till the very end. Also, thanks to technology, we are all just a text or a call away from you.

Change your life today with KD Trainer because it is time we age while looking as fine as George Clooney or Michelle Yeoh.

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