1. Your Stance Is Wrong

Squats come in all shapes and sizes. No two people will squat the same, so it takes time to find your ideal squat stance. The proper stance will allow your knees to stay in line with the toes.

2. You Don’t Use Your Feet

Most people don’t use their feet properly while squatting. By actively using your feet, you can prevent your knees from caving in while also targeting your glutes more effectively.

3. You Don’t Brace Your Core

Your core muscles control your pelvis, which dictates your hip position. The knees follow the hips, so if your pelvis is out of position, your knees will follow. Bracing your abdominals and obliques properly can keep your knees from caving in as you squat.

4. Your Adductors Are Tight

Your adductors (inner thigh muscles) stretch as you push your knees out during a squat. If your adductors are tight, they can pull your knees inward as they relax at the bottom of the squat.

5. Your Glutes Are Weak

Your glutes are hip external rotators, meaning they turn your knees and feet outward. If your glutes aren’t strong enough, they won’t be able to keep your knees turned out as you squat.