6 Weeks Challenge by Fit From Home

Want to Lose 5KGs Body Fat From Home?

And fit into your pre-MCO clothes again in 6 weeks. No supplements, no crazy unrealistic dieting and no over-exercising needed.

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The 6 Week Virtual Weight Loss Challenge on 14th August

Starting on 14th August – this weight-loss challenge will help you lose 5KG, backed with a money-back guarantee. No painful, boring exercises, crazy dieting, or expensive supplements.


Join a community, who has decided it’s time.

We are bringing together 50 individuals who wants better health and a better body, with the goal to lose 5KG in 6 weeks. What’s the catch? You must be willing to commit to the training and nutrition plan.

  • No gym required.
  • No products (shakes, tablets,etc.) needed.
  • No gym equipment necessary.
  • No need for unrealistic diets.

What is in the 6 Weeks Challenge

Will it be hard? Will I have to exercise till I break my limit? Proudly no. We designed the program for individuals who genuinely decided that it’s time to lose weight and become healthier.


4 Exercises a Week

There will be 4 short exercises a week, each taking only 30 minutes. Three of these exercises session will be guided by a coach, and one will be a self-workout session, assigned to you.


Meal plan & strategies.

In the program, our nutrition coach will prescribe a customized meal plan and nutrition guide for you. Say no to unrealistic dieting or starving, that doesn’t work.


Habits Coaching

A big part of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is about forming habits. The program will help you form new habits, and maintain a strong lifestyle without a coach.

6 Weeks Weight Loss Challenge

Pre-registration is required before we accept you into the program.

Why do I have to pre-enrol?

Your health is a serious matter. Before we can accept you into the challenge, we will need to ask you some questions and understand you better.

What happens after I enrol?

Fill out the form and we will screen through your case. We’ll contact you when you meet the requirements within 24 hours.

No secrets, no shortcuts. All we do is keep you accountable for your exercise, nutrition, and habits through our client mobile app and program designed to give you the best results.

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We’re offering a 18% discount during MCO.

What is Included

  • Live training and exercise programs (6 weeks)
  • Custom made-for-you meal plans & strategies.
  • 3 qualified coaches to guide & keep you accountable.
  • Instant chat support and help.
  • All-in-one mobile app to follow the program.

What can you expect in 6 weeks?


Madly lost 9KG by the end of the program, without having to sacrifice her favorite food. When she enrolled for the 6 Weeks Challenge, she thought it’ll be a tough 6 weeks for her. In the end, not only she reduced her weight but picked up healthy habit.

Adib managed to lose 6.5KG in 6 weeks from home, during the MCO and lockdown order. All of this while maintaining a good work-life balance, and not going crazy with over-exercising.


Matthew had a lot of doubts before joining the program. He has previously engaged a fitness trainer. By the end, he lost 5KG and increased his jogging performance from the usual 5-6KM runs to now 8-9KM.

Enrol Now

Normal program fees at RM1200. Enrol early to get the MCO discount.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I’ve tried some online classes, they don’t work!2021-08-05T12:34:39+00:00

The reason you don’t see results through some online classes – is mainly because they lack a program. Losing weight is more than just exercising. It’s about living a healthier lifestyle, improving certain habits, and more than often, having a unique meal plan. This is what we will have you achieve in the 6 weeks challenge.

What do I need to join the challenge?2021-08-05T12:34:40+00:00

Since classes are done on Zoom, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone (with an internet connection) to join. You’ll also receive access to a mobile app to follow the program, track progress and receive updates.

What if I miss one or two classes?2021-08-05T12:34:40+00:00

All classes are recorded, so if something comes in the way of your busy schedule, you can always catch up with classes later on. On top of that, a coach will keep you accountable towards completing your challenge.

Will I really lose 5KGs?2021-11-11T06:11:08+00:00

Yes! We’re so confident the program will help you lose weight in 6 weeks, that if you don’t – we will refund your full program fees back to you (provided you hit 80% compliance rate).

Who is the 6 weeks challenge for?2021-08-05T12:34:40+00:00

This is a program made for individuals who want to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. You don’t need a gym access or experience working out. We’ll guide you to get started from the stage you are.


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